Tennessee Tops States in Activities for Global Entrepreneurship Week

State of Tennessee Press Release, Nov. 12, 2009:

NASHVILLE — The state of Tennessee currently leads the nation in the number of events planned for Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov. 16-22, which celebrates the vital role entrepreneurs play in innovation, job creation and economic recovery. To date, Tennessee has confirmed more than 60 events, leading all other states in the nation by 19 activities. Tennessee also ranks in the top ten for partners, with more than 50 organizations across the state joining in to make 2009’s celebration a success.

“Entrepreneurs provide the foundation that great companies and communities are built upon,” said Matt Kisber, commissioner Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. “To have so many willing participants and activities for Global Entrepreneurship Week is a testament to the passionate, creative individuals we have living in our state. I am proud that Tennessee is standing tall amongst the nation and providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow and share their skills.”

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a worldwide event intended to inspire, connect, mentor and engage young people with the desire to change the world. Partners include universities, high schools, non-profit organizations, successful entrepreneurs and government agencies.

Activities across Tennessee range from pitch contests and launch challenges to speaker series’ and panels from various industries. The week officially kicks off tomorrow in Chattanooga with 48Hour Launch, a high-octane event at which entrepreneurs gather and try to launch as many tech companies as possible in a 48-hour period.