Open Caption Contest for the Leering & Despaired

Lighten up, will ya?

Every week TNReport snaps millions of pixels worth of excess photography depicting politicians, bureaucrats, wonks, lobbyists and gaggles of placard-toting protesters milling about the Capitol. Most of the images never see the light of day, and that’s just sad.

So in the interest of levity, we’ll be posting the occasional photo and asking TNReport visitors to take their best shot at capturing the mood, moment and any moot mirth the curious image elicits.

Witty, we like. Obscene, not so much. The winner takes home bragging rights and the admiration of their fellow political junkies for the week. In other words, nothing of any lasting value.

Here’s this week’s offering — please leave your caption suggestions in the comments section below.

  • DM

    How am I doing? Lady, I’ve got a guy in a fedora watching my back. Nobody’s gonna mess with me right now. Phil, am I right or am I right? … Phil?

  • Justin Case

    “OK, now pull my thumb.”

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  • Nick Ragsdale

    So the dress code was GREY suits and BLUE ties, not vice versa.

  • Donna Locke

    It’s a good thing Jeeves has come out of retirement. Bertie will need all the help he can get.

  • Patrick O’Brien

    This is the strongest opinion I am going to present for the next four years.

  • Got Guts

    Haslam, “Did I mention that my Dad is Jim Haslam & my brother’s Jimmy?”
    Bredesen’s thought bubble: “Yeah, the bunker’s going to come in handy when they move in.”

  • Upper Deck

    So the first couple gets to go to all the swank parties? Sweet!

  • round the bend

    Andrea Conte, get your artsy-fartsy junk out of the bunker and get out of here! We’re going with a truck stop theme from here on out.

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