Rep. Clemmons to Gov. Haslam: ‘Disavow Offensive DUI Ad Campaign’

Press Release from Tennessee State Representative John Ray Clemmons, D-Nashville:

In response to the story broken by The Tennessean last night (, State Representative John Ray Clemmons issued the following statement this morning:

On behalf of the women and men I have the privilege of serving, I am calling on Governor Haslam to disavow this offensive and ill-conceived marketing campaign concocted by the Governor’s Highway Safety Office. It is not only offensive, but it is also inexcusable and a waste of taxpayer dollars. Frankly, I am furious.

When Republicans defeated my equal pay bill, passed legislation to interfere with women’s private healthcare decisions over my strong objections, and spoke out against paid family leave, I strongly disagreed with them but recognized and respected that they are entitled to their own opinions on equality and women’s rights. But I will not, nor will my constituents, stand idly by and tolerate this latest, direct insult to women across this state.

A majority of our population has been disrespected, and our state has again been placed in a negative light. Our citizens, visitors and potential investors in our economy are left with the false impression that does not accurately reflect our state’s respect for our mothers, sisters and daughters. Therefore, I call on Governor Haslam to join me in standing up for women and expressly disavow this DUI ad campaign.