Conservative Group Proposes Doubling Planned Parenthood Funding If It Quits ‘Abortion Industry in TN’

Press release from the Tennessee Republican Assembly, Sept. 22, 2015:

Tennessee Republican Assembly (TRA) Issues Call to Action on Funding Planned Parenthood

Nashville, TN, September 22, 2015 –(– Due to the Tennessee Republican Assembly’s strong commitment to women’s health and to dispel any idea that the TRA supports any type of ‘War on Women’ the Tennessee Republican Assembly, calls upon all Tennessee Legislators to support the doubling of the funding to Planned Parenthood, immediately after Planned Parenthood demonstrates unequivocally that PP is no longer in the abortion industry in Tennessee.

Sharon Ford, TRA President states, “TRA believes this is the best approach to help women across Tennessee obtain the necessary contraception, mammograms, pap tests, breast exams and education on sexually transmitted infections. These are all significant health care components facing women today.”

TRA encourages all Tennessee Legislators to signal support and begin drafting legislation that will set the example for the Nation. TRA is also reaching out to fellow Republican Assemblies to accomplish the important goal of providing funds for Women’s Healthcare without facilitating infanticide at taxpayer expense.

The Tennessee Republican Assembly (TRA) is a socially, morally, and fiscally conservative group of individuals committed to upholding the traditional ideals that represent the American founders’ original intent. It is one of Tennessee’s oldest grassroots organizations and is a member of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA).