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Legislature Approves Study of Special Courts for Vets

Tennessee veterans suffering post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological problems stemming from military service could soon have their own special courts should they find themselves facing prosecution in the state’s criminal justice system. The House unanimously passed a bill today, HB3394/SB3222, which directs the Administrative Office of the Courts to study whether it’s feasible for […]

Lawmakers Pass Measure Encouraging Parental Involvement in Education

Churches and nonprofits would have an easier time setting up parenting classes for school districts under a bill that passed the Senate Monday 30-0. The bill, SB3606, encourages school districts to develop and provide these programs for parents by partnering with a range of organizations, such as nonprofit and for-profit groups and community and faith-based […]

Governor: Veto Often Makes Little Sense; Best to Work with Lawmakers for Fitting Compromises

Gov. Bill Haslam addressed why he hasn’t vetoed any bills and his opposition to the guns-in-parking-lots bill as it stands now, and said reporters in the state cover issues that “grab headlines” at the expense of meatier issues that have more impact on Tennesseans. Haslam was speaking with reporters Tuesday in Cool Springs.

Harwell Squeezes Victory from Ramsey in Goat Milk-Off

In honor of “Ag Day on the Hill,” Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and House Speaker Beth Harwell faced off in a goat-milking contest Tuesday, with Harwell, a first-time milker, besting Ramsey, 700 ml to 350 ml. Ramsey, who said that he grew up on a dairy farm, accused Harwell, a city-dweller, of cheating after watching […]