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House, Senate Pass Different Versions of Critter Castle Doctrine Measure

Both chambers of the General Assembly have passed legislation that would provide a legal defense against criminal prosecution for Tennesseans who kill or wound an attacking animal. However, while the Senate voted to conform to House Bill 135, which passed the lower chamber 91-0 last Thursday, the upper chamber also voted to amend the House legislation, which now must head back to […]

Cough Syrup Suppression Measure Moves to Haslam

The Tennessee General Assembly are clearly not impressed with Three 6 Mafia’s ideas for how to use cough syrup. Thursday morning the Tennessee House, in a near-unanimous decision, voted to place an age restriction on sales of cough syrup containing dextromethorphan for fear that adolescents were increasingly abusing the medication as prescribed by the Memphis-based rap group in the 2000 […]