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Parliament of Social Media Whores?

If, as has been suggested, giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys, then perhaps giving Twitter and Facebook accounts to politicians is like…giving Twitter and Facebook accounts to politicians. At any rate, it’s probably too late now to second-guess the societal cost-benefit breakdown of that particular […]

Haslam Goes National on TN Tenure Reform

Gov. Bill Haslam said on Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” Wednesday that the tenure reform bill he signed into law was met with approval from teachers, who said they wanted to “teach with other good teachers.” Haslam said he wanted a “great teacher in front of every classroom,” and for teachers to […]

Dems, AG Say Photo ID Bill Unconstitutional

Supporters of a bill requiring voters to provide photo identification at the polls will make their last stand Thursday in the House, but Democrats say it’s unconstitutional and the attorney general agrees. Rep. Craig Fitzhugh, House minority leader, and Sen. Lowe Finney, Democratic caucus chairman, each wrote letters to Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr., […]

Soda Tax Shelved ‘Behind Budget’

Rep. Mike Stewart’s plan to tax pop at another penny per fluid ounce may have fallen flat. Which is just fine with a fizzy-drink industry lobbyist, who argues that the Nashville Democrat is “using tax policy to interrupt an individual’s right of choice and personal responsibility.”

Wilson & Lillard Rehired; Both Pledge ‘Work’

As expected, Republicans maintained their firm hold over state government today as Justin Wilson was reelected for a second term as the state’s comptroller, and David H. Lillard was also sworn in for a second time as Tennessee state treasurer. Neither faced an opposing candidate in the joint session of the General Assembly. “We have […]