‘Guns-in-Bars’ Law Shot Down – For Now

A judge in Nashville on Friday triggered renewed debate over the controversial issue that fired up a range of competing interests last legislative session. Opponents of the law hailed the ruling as “common sense.” Supporters promise to re-word and reload it back into the statute books next year.

Cuts Coming to State Employee Health Plans?

Gov. Bredesen said Wednesday Tennessee government-worker medical coverage won’t be spared the budget scalpel: Benefit-reductions and co-pay increases are under review. And he’s unconvinced substantial savings can be realized through incentives for “healthy behaviors.”

State Considers Releasing Thousands of Inmates to Save Money

Tennessee’s Corrections Department head says the only way to meaningfully cut the state’s prison budget is to grant early releases to between 3,000 and 4,000 prisoners the agency deems non-violent. Gov. Phil Bredesen calls proposal a “dramatic step.”

Health Care Robots: Next Generation Decision-Making Software, Eliminates Manual Systems Labor

Linnaeus, Inc., a Franklin, Tennessee-based software company, has won Innovator of The Year honors for its healthcare administration automation product, Health Mason. It uses artificial intelligence to replace manual systems labor to result in unprecedented healthcare administration productivity savings.

Tennessee Tops States in Activities for Global Entrepreneurship Week

State of Tennessee Press Release, Nov. 12, 2009: NASHVILLE — The state of Tennessee currently leads the nation in the number of events planned for Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov. 16-22, which celebrates the vital role entrepreneurs play in innovation, job creation and economic recovery. To date, Tennessee has confirmed more than 60 events, leading all […]

America’s Future Foundation event: Former TennCare director to discuss health care reform

Join America’s Future Foundation in Nashville as Brian Lapps, a former TennCare director, shares his perspective on national healthcare reform. Date: Monday, November 16, 2009 Time: Cocktail hour at 6:30 pm, Brian Lapps speaks at 7:30 pm with Q&A immediately following Place: Hampton Inn Green Hills, Belle Meade Room ( 2324 Crestmoor Road, 37215) Hors […]

America’s Future Foundation event: Former TennCare director to discuss health care reform

America’s Future Foundation has invited Brian Lapps, a former TennCare director, to share his perspective on national health care reform during a forum in Nashville this month.

TN Supreme Court opinion: State v. Michael Casper

State of Tennessee v. Michael Casper View Rutherford County– The defendant was convicted of fifteen counts of willfully selling securities without registering with the state as a broker-dealer or agent in violation of Tennessee Code Annotated section 48-2-109. The trial court imposed concurrent sentences of four years on each count, required eleven months to be […]

TSEA Calls for Leadership and Initiative on the Hill

Tennessee Service Employee Association Press Release “Who will provide services to the citizens across the state,” said Almous Austin, acting president of the Tennessee State Employees Association? The Governor announced that layoffs of state employees will be part of the budget cuts coming for 2010, even though employee salaries and benefits are less than one […]

Revenue Commissioners Kisber & Farr Announce TNInvestco Finalists

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Economic and Community Development Commissioner Matt Kisber and Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr today announced the names of the six selected venture capital firms and two alternates named to participate in the TNInvestco program.