**Caption Contest** (Footloose Edition)

Friday again! That means we can share another of the lighter legislative moments we’ve come to semiregularly fetishize.

We think this week’s choice has legs. But before we get started, let’s go over the groundrule: Maintain decorum or we’ll be forced to gavel you down. We’d much prefer not to have to remove your pithy gem because you stuck your dirty foot in your mouth, so toe the line of decency, please.

Our winner from the “Hurley on a Harley” caption contest last go-round is RS, but we’ll admit we had a lot of good entries. As always, please check out our past contests and feel free to add caption entries of your own.

OK, then — Let’s get the party kickin’:

(For the record, the uninhibited free spirit above is Speaker Beth Harwell doing her thing during a House of Representatives floor session.)

**Caption Contest** (Rep. Hurley on a Harley Edition)

Welcome back to the TNReport caption contest, our little distraction to break up the business of covering state politics.

For those just tuning in, here are the rules to our Caption Contest: Keep it clean or it won’t be seen (for long, anyway). We wouldn’t want to disqualify you from winning Witmaster of the Week honors because you muddied up the waters with the kind of bawdy talk we’d expect to hear from a table full of weekend road warriors knocking back brews at a “delightfully tacky” owl-themed watering hole. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course — all things in their own time.)

Anyway, last week’s winner was “Justin Case.” Special thanks to our first Caption Contest winner, Dave Morton, for guest judging.

Happy Friday, everyone. Let ‘er rip!

(Btw, That’s Rep. Julia Hurley, R-Lenoir City, mounted up behind Rep. Tony Shipley, R-Kingsport.)

**Caption Contest**

There’s a lot of soliciting going on at Capitol Hill and we decided to join the fray. But instead of asking for taxpayer money (note: we will, however, happily accept your private donations) or political favors, we’re looking for clever captions to go with our normally unpublishable photos.

Our first winner is “DM.” Check out the caption for yourself — and feel free to add your own for the hell of it.

Moving onward, here’s this week’s offering.

FYI, above is Rep. Mike Turner, the House Democratic Caucus chairman from Old Hickory at a press conference.