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Top 10 TN Baby Names for 2009

State of Tennessee Press Release, Dec. 30, 2009:

No. 1 & No. 2 for Both Girls & Boys Unchanged from 2008

NASHVILLE – New parents in the Volunteer State are sticking with Emma and William for a second consecutive year as the most popular names for girls and boys born in Tennessee.

While the top spots remain the same, the list of most popular names for Tennessee babies born in 2009 includes some newcomers breaking into the top ten, and shows some formerly popular names falling out of favor.

The top ten names new Tennessee parents chose for their babies born in 2009* are as follows (Girls/Boys):

  1. Emma/William
  2. Madison/Jacob
  3. Isabella/James
  4. Abigail/Joshua
  5. Olivia/Elijah
  6. Addison/Noah
  7. Ava/Ethan
  8. Emily/Jackson
  9. Chloe/Aiden
  10. Elizabeth/Michael

*provisional data

The most popular names for both girls and boys born in Tennessee have held their top spots on the list since last year.

In 2008, Emma and Madison topped the list of baby names for girls, and William and Jacob claimed the highest rankings for boys. The remaining names rounding out the 2009 list for girls include all the same names from last year’s top ten, albeit in a different order, with Isabella jumping six spots from number 9 in 2008 to number 3 this year. Two new names broke the top ten for boys in 2009: Aiden and Michael, replacing Christopher and Jayden as among the most popular choices.

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