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Gibbons: State Government Neglects Memphis Colleges

Press Release from, Bill Gibbons, Republican candidate for Tennessee governor, Jan. 13, 2010:

Gibbons Speaks Out Against U of M, UT-Memphis Research Funding Snub

Memphis, TN – Shelby County District Attorney General and candidate for governor Bill Gibbons expressed disappointment that the University of Memphis and UT’s Health Science Center are not included in new research opportunities in legislation pending before the General Assembly in its special session on education.

“The University of Memphis is a unique urban research university, and UT-Memphis is positioned to play a vital role in biomedical research. Yet, state government continues to neglect the vital research roles these two institutions can perform,” Gibbons said.

Also, Gibbons renewed his call for a change in state law to create a separate independent governing board for the University of Memphis.

“The Board of Regents oversees 45 institutions of higher learning. That’s too many in my mind, putting the U of M, in particular, in a weakened spot to get additional money. Giving the U of M its own governing board would allow the university greater opportunities to go after private funding it desperately needs, especially funding for research,” Gibbons said.

Bill Gibbons, a Republican, is the Shelby County District Attorney General, serving as the top state law enforcement official in Tennessee’s largest jurisdiction. He entered the governor’s race on January 4, 2009. For more information on Bill Gibbons, visit his campaign website at

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