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County Financial Information Available Online Through State Comptroller

Press Release from the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury:

Citizens can now look up financial information for most counties across Tennessee online, thanks to a new service that is being offered by the state Comptroller’s office.

By clicking to a page on the Comptroller’s web site, it is now easy to find detailed financial information about revenues and expenditures for 89 of the state’s 95 counties. The web address is:

“I am very pleased that we are able to offer this new service,” said Comptroller Justin Wilson. “This is an excellent way to follow the money or to see where it comes from and where it goes. Citizens will find that there is a great deal of information about their county governments that is now available at their fingertips.”

The information is compiled from the annual audit reports done by the Comptroller’s Division of County Audit. Jim Arnette, the division’s director, said revenue and expenditure data from the last four fiscal years is now available at the site, which is called Transparency and Accountability for Governments (TAG) in Tennessee. Arnette said several years’ worth of data will be kept available for access through the TAG Tennessee archives.

“We envision this as a tool citizens can use to keep up with what their local governments are doing,” Arnette said. “And local and state government officials should find it helpful to have easy access to this information as well.”

The TAG Tennessee site includes information about school departments, but not other agencies, component units or enterprise funds that are accounted for separately from the counties’ main budgeted operations.

Six counties are audited annually by private certified public accounting firms rather than the Comptroller’s office, so their financial information isn’t available on the site at this time. Those counties are: Davidson, Hamilton, Knox, McMinn, Shelby and Washington.

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