Beavers Wants to Retain Senate Seat

She and Rep. Susan Lynn have a lot in common. Including a desire to hold the same elected office.

Sen. Mae Beavers announced Thursday that she was dropping out of the Wilson County mayor’s race and would run for reelection to her senate seat — a spot her hometown rival, Rep. Susan Lynn, has already been campaigning for.

Beavers and Lynn have a lot in common. The two are both Republicans from Mt. Juliet, share similar views on state sovereignty and word around the Capitol is that the two aren’t particularly fond of one other.

Beavers said she decided to run for reelection because she was “pumped up” about the possibility that Republicans could control the legislature and the governor’s office. She added that she felt that her work in the Senate and on the Judiciary Committee wasn’t finished.

Lynn began campaigning for the Senate seat nine months ago, shortly after Beavers said she was pursuing the the job of Wilson County mayor. Lynn said she would have run for reelection to her own House seat if Beavers had said in the beginning she wanted to stay in the senate.

Lynn wouldn’t confirm whether she would stay in the race or drop out, only saying “I filed to run” for the seat.

Lynn, and any other candidate contemplating a run for office, have until the April 1 filing deadline.

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