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‘Health Freedom Act’ Advances to Full Committee

Bill would require state attorney general to defend individuals in Tennessee from punishment by the federal government for refusing to purchase medical insurance.

A bill seeking to direct the Tennessee attorney general to challenge recently enacted federal health care legislation is on the move in the state House of Representatives.

The “Tennessee Health Freedom Act” cleared the Industrial Impact Subcommittee on a voice vote. It’ll likely get a hearing in the Commerce Committee next week.

The measure has already been approved by the Tennessee Senate.

It would also require that the state attorney general defend Tennesseans against fines or other punishment by the federal government for refusing to purchase insurance as directed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that Congress passed and President Obama signed earlier this month.

Already 14 states have indicated their intention to challenge the constitutionality of parts of the federal health care overhaul.

Like last week when the bill first appeared before the panel of House lawmakers, anti-ObamaCare protesters filled the committee room and spilled out into the hallway at Legislative Plaza during the hearing.

The bill, HB3433, is sponsored by Riceville Republican Mike Bell. The primary sponsor in the Senate was Mae Beavers, Mt. Juliet.

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