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Rep. Bell Moves ‘Tennessee Health Freedom Act’ Forward

Press Release by Rep. Mike Bell, R-Riceville; March 31, 2010:

(March 31, 2010, NASHVILLE) – Representative Mike Bell (R-Riceville) today was successful in moving the “Tennessee Health Freedom Act” out of a House subcommittee, which is aimed at protecting the right of an individual to purchase—and the right of doctors to provide—lawful medical services without penalty. The bill would also require the state Attorney General to take the necessary steps to defend these rights.

“I have heard from people from Mountain City to Memphis who are in support of this bill,” said Rep. Bell. “They are tired and frustrated with Washington turning a deaf ear to their fears and concerns. ‘The ‘Tennessee Health Freedom Act’ will protect citizens from the heavy hand of the federal government,” explained Representative Bell.

Other states have passed similar legislation, and several have joined together and announced they will be filing a lawsuit against the federal government regarding the federal law.

“Ultimately, the bill signed into law by the President is a one-size-fits-all solution to a very complex system,” said Representative Bell. “This bill will allow people to make their own decisions about something that should be very personal: their healthcare.”

An amendment was adopted to put the bill in line with the Senate version, which has already passed with an overwhelming majority. Having now passed the House Industrial Impact Subcommittee, the bill will next be presented in the House Commerce Committee on Tuesday, April 6th at 9:15 a.m.

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