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GOP: Dems Vote In Support Of Gov’t-Run Health Care

Press Release from Tennessee Republican Party, April 13, 2010:

Democrat Rep. Coleman: Those Who Oppose ObamaCare Are ‘Cold,’ ‘Have No Heart’

NASHVILLE, TN – Last night, a number of State House Democrats voted against a Republican resolution (HJR 704) expressing opposition to health care legislation signed into law by President Obama. Despite efforts to side step the issue in an election year, many Democrats in the State House demonstrated last night they are in full support of a government-run health care system.

“These Democrats have been exposed,” said Devaney. “This vote proves they favor a trillion-dollar government takeover of our health care system and don’t seem to care that the majority of Tennesseans don’t support it. They’ve deserted their constituents and put partisan politics ahead of the welfare of this state.”

Many of the Democrats who supported the legislation in the end did so after voting for a number of procedural motions aimed at killing the bill. The final vote on the bill yielded opposition from 29 Democrats, including Rep. Kent Coleman who said during debate that those who support the resolution and oppose Obamacare are “cold” and “have no heart.”

“Rep. Coleman is wrong and the majority of Tennesseans who oppose government-run health care deserve better,” said Devaney. “Opposing Democrats’ reckless and irresponsible government takeover of health care hardly makes people cruel and heartless – it makes them sensible and concerned citizens. Further, most voters do support health reform, just not the trillion-dollar disaster that was shoved down the throats of the American people. While Republicans work to stand up for Tennesseans who want their state leaders to send a message to Washington, Democrats like Kent Coleman continue to demonstrate how grossly out-of-touch they are with voters in this state.”

Information on HJR 704 is available HERE. The 29 Democrats who showed their support for Obamacare by voting against HJR 704 follow:

Rep. Joe Armstrong (HD-15)

Rep. Stratton Bone (HD-46)

Rep. Willie Butch Borchert (HD-75)

Rep. Tommie Brown (HD-28)

Rep. Karen Camper (HD-87)

Rep. Kent Coleman (HD-49)

Rep. Barbara Cooper (HD-86)

Rep. Lois DeBerry (HD-91)

Rep. Joanne Favors (HD-29)

Rep. Craig Fitzhugh (HD-82)

Rep. Brenda Gilmore (HD-54)

Rep. G.A. Hardaway (HD-92)

Rep. Bill Harmon (HD-37)

Rep. Sherry Jones (HD-59)

Rep. Ulysses Jones (HD-98)

Rep. Mike Kernell (HD-93)

Rep. Larry Miller (HD-88)

Rep. Gary Moore (HD-50)

Rep. Gary Odom (HD-55)

Rep. Joe Pitts (HD-67)

Rep. Mary Pruitt (HD-58)

Rep. Jeanne Richardson (HD-89)

Rep. Johnny Shaw (HD-80)

Rep. Janis Baird Sontany (HD-53)

Rep. Mike Stewart (HD-52)

Rep. Harry Tindell (HD-13)

Rep. Joe Towns (HD-84)

Rep. Johnnie Turner (HD-85)

Rep. Mike Turner (HD-51)

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