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Haslam Announces ‘Students For Haslam’ Coalition

Press Release from Bill Haslam for Governor; April 16, 2010:

Students From All Over Tennessee Back Knoxville Mayor’s Run For Governor

KNOXVILLE – More than 175 college students and recent graduates from across Tennessee joined together today to endorse Republican gubernatorial candidate and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam because they believe he has the proven executive experience and conservative values to help build a brighter future for all Tennesseans.

“As I get closer to graduating college, Tennessee’s unemployment rate is becoming more and more of a concern to me,” said Kevin Criswell, a student at Austin Peay State University. “We need someone who knows how to bring jobs to Tennessee so that I’ll be able to raise my family in the same great state that I love so much to. Bill Haslam is that man.”

The announcement of “Students for Haslam” came as the 2009-2010 school year is coming to an end. “I was excited to join Students for Haslam, during my time at the University of Tennessee I have seen firsthand what he has done in Knoxville,” UT junior Carlyn Greive explained. “The challenges that he overcame in Knoxville show that Haslam is the best person to help Tennessee overcome the issues that we face all over the state today.”

The two-term Mayor of Knoxville – who was reelected in 2007 with 87 percent of the vote – is the only candidate with proven experience needed to promote business and recruit and retain jobs.

“Bill Haslam understands the challenges that we face as we graduate. Being the Mayor of Knoxville helped him understand the connection between the state’s universities and bringing jobs to Tennessee,” said Patrick McAnally, a student at Lipscomb University. “He understands that if we can continue to strengthen our education system, we will be able to attract the jobs that Tennessee needs.”

“As a student at the University of Memphis and as someone who grew up in Memphis, I was looking for someone who would be able to reach out and strengthen all of Tennessee’s schools,” said Ben Gianinni. “I believe Bill Haslam will make a great Governor.”

During his Tennessee jobs tour, Mayor Haslam has also discussed the critical need for Tennessee to develop a strong education system that will meet the needs of the next generation of jobs coming to Tennessee. “I am excited about Mayor Haslam’s focus on making sure we are prepared for the jobs of the future,” said Walker Farrell, a student at University of Tennessee at Martin.

“I chose Bryan College because of its conservative roots,” said Bethany Diamond, a junior at Bryan College. “Growing up in Knoxville I saw Bill Haslam show that same servant leadership that we learn about in the classroom. That really helped me decide that he was my candidate for Governor.”

“Crissy and I truly appreciate all of the support we’re receiving in this campaign,” Haslam said. “Tennessee has so much to offer students seeking to learn and live here: no income tax, great colleges and universities, and incredible natural beauty. With the backing of these young Tennessee leaders optimistic about our future, we can make our great state even better, and attract high quality, well-paying jobs.”

A hardworking, conservative public servant, he led Knoxville to become one of the top ten metropolitan areas for business and expansion, while reducing the city’s debt, tripling the rainy day fund, and bringing property taxes to the lowest rate in 50 years. An executive leader with a proven record of success, he helped grow his family’s small business from 800 employees into one of Tennessee’s largest companies with 14,000 employees. His combination of executive and public service experience makes him uniquely qualified to be Tennessee’s next Governor. Haslam is the right person at the right time to lead Tennessee.

Bill and Crissy Haslam have two daughters, Annie and Leigh, and a son, Will, who resides in Knoxville with his wife, Hannah.

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Austin Peay State University

1. Kevin Criswell

Belmont University

2. D.J. King

3. Eric S. Deems

4. Rachel McNabb

5. C.J. Adams

6. Jim Darter

7. Spencer Carter

8. Benjamin Pate

9. Susan Harbison

10. Lisa Hellmann

11. Robert Woolsey

12. Kathleen Bond

13. David Grizzell

Bryan College

14. Savannah Stroud

15. Amelia George

16. Daniel Grayton

17. Ben Andrews

18. Matthew Green

19. Elaina Woodall

20. Catlin Hawkins

21. Adam Coker

22. Dustin Puckett

23. Jessica Dudely

24. Hannah McDonald

25. Caleb Young

26. Mandi Reynolds

27. Shannon McGowan

Carson Newman

28. Miles Hite

29. Amy Cate

30. Morgan McGaha

31. Caroline Segars

Cleveland State Community College

32. Case Roberts

33. Brandon Watkins

34. Michele Hughes

East Tennessee State University

35. Nick Mitchel

36. Amber Justis

37. Doug Wheeler

38. Michael Jones

39. Laura Clanton

40. Justin Black

41. Chelsey Johnson

42. Dustin Cowan

43. Nick Kolinsky

44. Andrew Stafford

45. Brandon Koski

Freed Hardeman University

46. Leah Wallace

Lee University

47. Dan Diffenderfer

48. Hannah Earl

49. Jonathan Seyferth

Lipscomb University

50. Patrick McAnally

51. Brandon Moss

52. Katie Connell

53. Amy Lawrence

Middle Tennessee State University

54. Michael Aucoin

55. Dustin Hillis

56. Herjin Emin

Pellissippi State Community College

57. Alyson Brooks

58. Brittany Gill

Tennessee Technological University

59. Whitney Russell

60. Houston Hill

Trevecca Nazarene University

61. Eric Baldwin

62. Garen Webb


63. Walker Farrell


64. Bridget Varley

65. Daniel Hunley

66. Jessica Roseberry

67. Rachel Harpole


68. Samantha Edwards

69. Carlyn Grieve

70. Betsy Harr

71. Conner Ingram

72. Ryan Turbeville

73. Tyler Lewelling

74. Abbey Booth

75. Alesia Legget

76. Ashley Lunch

77. Bonnie MacDonald

78. Brianne Gibson

79. Catherine Putnam

80. Cece Tyler

81. George Sanford

82. Lee Tyler

83. Meghan Wood

84. Charlie Wood

85. Clay Culp

86. Cody Smith

87. Lindsey Smith

88. Lindsay Lawrence

89. Elisa Wilhoit

90. Courtney Daly

91. Daniel Austin

92. Sarah Zimmerman

93. Nicole Austin

94. Kristin Ottaviano

95. Leticia Pickering

96. Rachel Santella

97. Matthew Santella

98. John Abraham

99. Keith Abraham

100. Kara Holcomb

101. Katie Tarpy

102. Shannon Conner

103. Kevin Tolliver

104. Ryan Sowell

105. Lance Baker

106. Sam Ellis

107. Robert Zachary Ellis

108. Ben Shires

109. Patrick Shires

110. Katie Shires

111. Sarah Mixon

112. William Mixon

113. Steele Cantey

114. Carey Smith

115. Brittney Carlton

116. Erica Linginfelter

117. Henley Carruthers

118. Rachel Hale

119. Blaine Wedekind

120. Mary Fran

121. Tyson Hahn

122. Gracie Reynolds

123. Marghee Jones

124. Lee Tyler

125. Robin Overby

126. James Akins

127. Will Brewer

128. Lindsey Lawrence

129. Todd Skelton

130. Ashley Lynch

131. Jay Spurlock

132. Mollie Plaskett

133. Beth Pressley

134. Alan Blizzard

135. Geoff Cusick

136. Madi Teague

137. Deanna Jarnigan

138. Margaret Ingram

139. Kristin Foreseburg

140. Morgan Mayo

141. Nicholas South

142. Chelsea O’conner

143. Rob Brandt

144. Emily Altshuler

145. Tyler O’Conner

146. James Scandlyn

147. William Hampton

148. Dylan Gouldthorpe

149. Alex Dick

150. Oliver Davis

151. Anthony Mubarak

152. Benjamin Morrow

153. Brandon Morrow

154. Trey Huffine

155. Rob Hibbard

156. Tom Grobe

157. Harris Haworth

158. Whitney Haworth

159. Hunter Alley

160. George Barnes

161. Tommy Jervis

162. Natasa Zavonavich

163. Callie Hinson

164. Ace Burch

165. Trent Sanders

166. Rebecca Leach

167. Casey Smith

168. Lauren Ridley

169. Shelby Thompson

170. Jonathan Wiesehuegel

171. Connor Kent

172. Seth Jensen

173. Andrew Temple

Vanderbilt University

174. Ryan Stewart

175. Krystal Cluen

176. Grant Starrett

177. Rick Apple

Watkins College of Art and Design

178. Cara McAnally

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