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Ramsey Says Pre-K Is Safe

Tennessee Lt. Guv. not a fan of the early childhood education program, but says it isn’t likely to get slashed this year.

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said cuts or changes to the way the state funds its Pre-K program are not seriously under consideration as Republicans try to figure out how to shave millions of dollars off the state budget.

“I’ve never been a proponent of Pre-K… but I’m politically realistic enough to know we can’t back up on stuff we’ve already done,” Ramsey said Wednesday. “There’s no plan on the board to cut Pre-K.”

GOP lawmakers earlier this week were reportedly contemplating changing the way the state’s $86 million preschool program for the economically disadvantaged would be funded. Rumors swirled around possibly paying for the program with one-time money, which would put the program for economically disadvantaged families in budget cutting cross hairs next year due to a lack of funds.

Ramsey, a Blountville GOP candidate for governor, said he does not yet know when Capitol Hill Republicans will release their version of a budget plan, or what potential cuts would be included.

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