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Wamp Outlines 20/20 Vision For Tennessee

Press Release from Zach Wamp for Governor, April 28, 2010:

New Document Highlights Specific Areas of Emphasis for Wamp Governorship

NASHVILLE – Zach Wamp, Republican candidate for Governor, announced today that he has posted on his campaign Web site his 20/20 Vision For an Even Better Tennessee, a new 12-page document that outlines Wamp’s priorities and plans as governor in six specific issue areas of critical importance to Tennessee’s future between now and the year 2020.

The document is now available for viewing at The plan is also featured in Wamp’s current television advertisement running statewide.

Wamp’s 20/20 Vision outlines his plans as governor in the following areas: job creation; better schools; a healthier Tennessee; safer streets and communities; a limited, low-tax state government; and maintaining the state’s sovereignty.

“My 20/20 Vision will be my blueprint and action plan as governor in six areas absolutely critical to the future of Tennessee,” Wamp said. “Job one is getting Tennessee’s economy moving again and more Tennesseans back to work through a new “production agenda” and improving our schools and boosting student achievement with a renewed focus on early childhood reading.”

Wamp’s vision for job creation includes a bold new “production agenda” centered around manufacturing, agriculture and construction – an agenda that focuses on making, building and growing more products in Tennessee and leverages the state’s many advantages, including our right-to-work status, low cost-of-living, high quality of life and no state income tax to help attract more manufacturers.

Included in Wamp’s job creation plans for West Tennessee are proposals for a new Agriculture Corridor to boost investment and production and promotion of the new Memphis Research Consortium that links the area’s top universities and research institutions as well as employers in an effort to recruit more high-tech jobs to Shelby County.

In addition, Wamp has proposed a new Defense Corridor in middle Tennessee that will capitalize on Ft. Campbell near Clarksville, Arnold Center in Tullahoma and the state’s other defense industry assets to create a powerful new economic engine for job creation across the state; along with the continued development of the Tennessee Valley Technology Corridor in East Tennessee, which Zach helped create, now home to Volkswagen, Wacker Chemie, new and expanding missions in Oak Ridge and expanded opportunities in the Tri-Cities for growing high-tech industries and small businesses.

Wamp’s vision for better schools includes a “cradle to grave” approach with a strong new focus on boosting the early reading skills of more Tennessee children in an effort to increase both student achievement and school success.

Under Wamp’s plan, Tennessee children will be benchmarked when they enter Kindergarten, and those not reading to grade level by 3rd grade will receive direct instruction and phonics during the school day to help catch them up to their peers. Wamp’s objective is to have all Tennessee children ready to read for content by the end of 3rd grade to help them learn and succeed.

Wamp will also focus on helping more K-12 students prepare for and connect with post K-12 educational opportunities and new, high-tech jobs in the state’s expanding high-tech sector. For example, Wamp’s plan will replicate the state’s existing “Hemlock model,” a new workforce training partnership being used in Clarksville to better meet the needs of both students and regional employers through more dual enrollment options in high school, vocational schools and local community colleges and universities.

For more information about Zach’s 20/20 Vision for job creation and better schools, along with his plans for a healthier Tennessee, safer streets and communities, a limited, low-tax state government as well as his views on pushing back on Washington to protect our state sovereignty and Tennessee’s way of life, please visit the campaign online at

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