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Odom Pushes Tax Exemption for Flood Victims

Press Release from House Minority Leader Gary Odom, D-Nashville, May 14, 2010:

Tax relief through September on appliances, building materials

(Nashville) — House Democratic Leader Gary Odom proposed a measure Friday that would provide for tax exemptions on appliances and building materials for families who suffered flood damage earlier this month.

Tennesseans that qualify for Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance authorized by President Barack Obama, under the measure, could buy appliances and building materials tax free through September.

“After several meetings with constituents, I believe that this is absolutely necessary in providing relief for our citizens that were devastated by the recent flooding disaster,” said Odom (D-Nashville). “It is the least we can do to help our neighbors and friends get back on their feet.”

This measure would not have a negative effect on the budget because the sales tax collected on appliances and building materials bought by flooding victims would not have been collected in the first place if it weren’t for the recent disaster, Odom said.

The proposal will be under consideration in the coming weeks as the state Legislature wraps up the budgeting process for the year.

“I’m going to be working with my colleagues in the coming days to put together the votes to make this a reality for those who have lost so much here in our state,” Odom said.

One reply on “Odom Pushes Tax Exemption for Flood Victims”

It is a real shame that I had to attack Odom on his absence in the district which he supposedly represents to get him to do anything.This is nothing but a political game for Odom. As he sits at the capital, he has no clue about the true devastation in District 55.

What I find amazing is that two days after we pointed out that District 55 was left without representation Odom decided he better actually do something: thing our district can always count on is that Gary Odom will continue to reach new lows as an elected official.

Gary Odom, which “meetings with constituents” are you referring to? No neighborhood meetings, no emails, no robo-calls, no visiting any volunteer drives so why should we expect anything more than lies from you? You only drive through the district to get to work as a lobbyist or to the capital.

It is time for you to be an unemployed state worker.

This district deserves an honest representative — someone who works with people and doesn’t just speak with people on the phone and then claim to have me with them.

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