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New Wamp TV Ad Zeroes In On Early Education

Press Release from Zach Wamp for Governor; June 17, 2010:

New Spot Begins Airing Statewide Friday

NASHVILLE – Zach Wamp, Republican candidate for Governor, today announced details of his new television ad that focuses on improving education through his bold new early childhood reading initiative as outlined in his 20/20 Vision For an Even Better Tennessee.

Wamp’s new ad is now available for viewing on the campaign’s Web site at It begins airing statewide in every major media market Friday morning.

“Preparing our children to read for content by third grade is key to their long-term efforts and prevents them from dropping out of school,” Wamp said.

“Under my plan, we will benchmark every child’s reading skills when they get to Kindergarten. If they’re not reading at grade level and are at risk of falling behind, then we will give them special instruction and phonics to catch them up to their peers.”

Wamp often references education research that shows children who read well early perform well in school and later in life.

“Whatever schooling option parents choose – public, private, religious, magnet, charter or home school – basic reading skills and hard work are fundamental to a child’s academic success. Having books in the home and reading out loud to children can help them learn to read, imagine, create and write,” Wamp said.

“Reading skills are important to scholastic success, career success and lifetime learning. My early childhood reading initiative will be one of many steps I will take as governor to help prepare our children to read so they can succeed, no matter the career path they choose.”

In the new ad, Wamp discusses his 20/20 Vision’s early childhood reading initiative and how a more educated workforce directly translates into more jobs for Tennessee families and a stronger and more dynamic state economy.

ZACH WAMP: “I’m Zach Wamp. My 20/20 Vision is a bold plan to make Tennessee even better.

With a new focus on early childhood reading.

We’ll benchmark children in kindergarten. If they’re not reading well, they’ll receive special instruction in phonics to catch them up.

Because a good 3rd grade reader… becomes a better 8th grade student… a high school graduate… and a productive citizen.

A more educated workforce means more jobs for Tennessee. And the most dynamic economy in America.”

For more information about Zach Wamp and his campaign for governor, including his 20/20 Vision For an Even Better Tennessee, please visit the campaign online at

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