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Haslam Campaign Raises $8.7 Million

Press Release from Bill Haslam for Governor; July 1, 2010:

Two Weeks Until Early Voting, Halam Has Nearly 12,000 Contributions to His Campaign

KNOXVILLE – With roughly two weeks until early voting begins July 16, Republican gubernatorial candidate and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam today posted a campaign fundraising total of more than $8.7 million from nearly 12,000 contributions.

Haslam raised more than $1.7 million, including a blitz that brought in more than $700,000 in the last two weeks of the reporting period that ended at midnight Wednesday. It is worth noting that Haslam’s fundraising total includes $3 million from supporters in Knox County; the individuals who know him best.

Accompanied with recent high profile endorsements from Reagan economist Dr. Art Laffer and UT men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl, a campaign organized in all 95 counties and two polls indicating Haslam is the strongest Republican in the GOP field, the announcement is yet another indication Haslam has the momentum with early voting beginning soon.

“Crissy and I have been very blessed to receive the support from so many Tennesseans, and with this support we’ll make sure we take the next step together and build a stronger Tennessee,” Haslam said. “We have two weeks until early voting and five weeks until the Primary, and I’m grateful that so many have helped put us in the strong position we’re in.”

“People are attracted to Bill Haslam’s real, common-sense solutions to Tennessee’s challenges and his proven record on their top concerns: job creation, strengthening education and budget management,” said Kim Kaegi, Haslam’s finance director. “They see him as the ‘Reagan Republican’ in this race, especially after Dr. Laffer’s endorsement.”

“It’s clear that Tennesseans are looking for a real leader with a proven track record of success both in the public and private sector,” said Mark Cate, Campaign Manager. “Our state faces some very tough challenges ahead, and there’s no question that Bill is the only candidate with the right experience and the right temperament to make the tough choices that will have to be made in these difficult times.”

Mayor Haslam is the two-term Republican Mayor of Knoxville, reelected in 2007 with 87 percent of the vote. A hardworking, conservative public servant, Haslam led Knoxville to become one of the top ten metropolitan areas for business and expansion, while reducing the city’s debt, tripling the rainy day fund, reducing the number of city employees to the lowest amount in 15 years and bringing property taxes to the lowest rate in 50 years. An executive leader with a proven record of success, he helped grow his family’s small business from 800 employees into one of Tennessee’s largest companies with 14,000 employees. For more information on Bill Haslam, please visit

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