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Ramsey Denounces Obama Administration’s Decision to Sue Arizona Immigration Law

Press Release from Ron Ramsey for Governor; July 7, 2010:

NASHVILLE, TN – Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey released the following statement in response to the news that the Department of Justice, under the Obama Administration, will sue the state of Arizona over their illegal immigration law:

“Just when you think it unfathomable that Washington can get any crazier, they announce news highlighting just how out of touch they are with mainstream Americans.

“I’ve said before that I fully back Arizona’s efforts to enforce immigration law and secure their borders from the scourge of violence and crime that illegal immigration is causing in their state. In fact, when I am elected the next conservative Governor of Tennessee, I will enact a similar measure.

“The primary function of the federal government is to protect its citizens from foreign threats and if President Obama won’t act, then Governors across this nation will act to protect our citizens.

“We are a nation originally comprised of immigrants and while I support legal immigration, we must never forget that we are a nation of laws and they must be upheld. Those seeking to come to our country through legal avenues are always welcome in America and the state of Tennessee,” stated Ramsey.

According to a recent public poll issued by Rasmussen, sixty percent (60%) of Tennessee voters favor an immigration law in their state similar to the one recently passed in Arizona.

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