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Gun Rights Advocate Backs Wamp for Governor

Press Release from Zach Wamp for Governor; July 8, 2010:

CEO of Barrett Firearms says Wamp is strong on 2nd Amendment rights

NASHVILLE – Ronnie Barrett, well-known Tennessee gun rights advocate and the CEO of Barrett Firearms, today endorsed Zach Wamp for Governor.

Barrett started Barrett Firearms 28 years ago, and he has become a revered icon in the world of firearms manufacturing, and staunch defender of the second amendment.

“Whenever Tennessee sportsmen and gun owners needed a friend in Congress, Zach Wamp stood strong with us to protect and defend our 2nd Amendment rights, that’s why he’s always received an A rating from the National Rifle Association” said Barrett. “We need that same strong backbone and consistent support from our next Governor, and I’m convinced that Zach Wamp will be that man. I strongly encourage all Tennessee sportsmen and gun owners to support Zach Wamp for Governor.”

Headquartered in Murfreesboro, Barrett Firearms is the world leader in large-caliber rifle design and manufacturing. Their products are used by civilian sport shooters, law enforcement agencies. The United States military adopted the Barrett .50 caliber rifle as well as more than 50 American allied countries across the world and has been an important weapon for our fighting troops.

“I am honored to have Ronnie Barrett join our campaign for Governor,” said Wamp. “Ronnie and Barrett Firearms are a true Tennessee success stories and his endorsement is more proof of our campaign’s momentum. As Governor, I will continue my long, consistent record of fighting to protect the 2nd Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens and sportsmen.”

In February, Barrett was honored by NRA Publications with the Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award. Ronnie is a past recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and has been recognized by both Inc. Magazine and Business Tennessee Magazine as a top entrepreneurial company. The United States Army in 2004 named the Barrett M107 as “One of the Top 10 Greatest Inventions”. The first time in history any firearm had made the list.

Ronnie has been featured on shows like 60 Minutes, Paula Zaun, Dateline, Discovery channel, History channel and Military Channel and many others. His rifles are seen in major motion pictures as well as depicted in the top rated action video games in America.

For more information about Zach Wamp and his campaign for governor, including his 20/20 Vision For an Even Better Tennessee, please visit the campaign online at

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