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Ramsey Wants Obama to Oppose Internet Regulation

Press Release from Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville; July 8, 2010:

(Nashville) – Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville) today urged President Obama to oppose a Federal Communications Commission plan to classify broadband as a common-carrier service, allowing much heavier regulation of the Internet. Three of the five members of the FCC, including its Chairman, are Obama appointees.

“The Internet has seen remarkable growth over the past decade, creating a transformative information medium that has dramatically changed the way Tennesseans work, live and learn,” said Lt. Governor Ramsey. “Driven by private enterprise and billions of dollars in private sector investment, the deployment of fast and reliable broadband networks has also created thousand of good jobs and brought economic benefits for local economies and Tennessee families.”

FCC Chairman and Obama appointee Julius Genachowski recently announced the plan to reclassify broadband from an unregulated information service to a regulated common-carriers service. The announcement comes after a U.S. Court of Appeals decision which said the FCC did not have the authority to enforce informal network neutrality principles against Comcast. Lt. Governor Ramsey’s letter to Obama outlines why the FCC should not subject the Internet to the Communications Act of 1934.

“That the FCC now seeks first-time regulations on this engine for growth and job creation is cause for great concern,” said Lt. Governor Ramsey. “Now is not the time to burden our economy—and the telecommunications sector in particular—with new and unnecessary federal regulations.

Lt. Governor Ramsey provided the lead signature on a recent bi-partisan letter to the FCC, signed jointly by 115 members of the Tennessee General Assembly, which strongly urged the FCC to refrain from imposing the regulations under consideration.

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