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Haslam To Roll Out Early Voting Bus Tour

Press Release from Bill Haslam for Governor; July 15, 2010:

Candidate to Visit All Three Grand Divisions with Jobs Plan

MEMPHIS – Republican gubernatorial candidate and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam will begin Friday, July 16 a bus tour to coincide with the Early Voting period of the Republican Primary on Aug. 5.

With state unemployment at 10.1 percent, Haslam, his wife Crissy, and various guests along the way will take his plan to create jobs directly to voters across the state, starting in Memphis on July 16 and making stops in all three Grand Divisions multiple times through July 31, just six days before Aug. 5.

Haslam knows the right way to develop a plan is take your ideas to the people and include them in the process. His blueprint for making Tennessee the No. 1 state in the Southeast for high quality jobs – released last month – was developed from Haslam’s creative solutions, taking them to the small business owners, parents, educators and various professionals and listening, learning and receiving their input.

Haslam will rally with supporters at his Memphis headquarters to kick off the tour Friday, July 16 at 8 a.m. A full schedule for July 16-17 is below. Media interested in the bus tour and logistics should contact campaign spokesman David Smith at (615) 254-6215.

Such a rapid pace is not unusual for Haslam, and voters have responded overwhelmingly in favor of his candidacy and proven record of success in the private and public sector, recognizing his leadership, experience and temperament and his commitment to core Republican principles.

For the past 19 months Haslam has worked the hardest and methodically engaged voters with his ideas and received feedback from them about his common-sense solutions to job creation, education and budget management.

Haslam’s jobs plan ties all the issue he’s been talking about over the course of the campaign together in a document providing a clear path to his goal of making Tennessee a leader in job creation.

Earlier this year, Haslam announced his Ten Principles for Fiscal Conservative Leadership, and then embarked on a three-week, statewide Jobs Tour in March, during which he announced specific initiatives for a regional approach to job creation, jobs base camps, the first ever Small Towns and Rural Development Director, Small Business Works and Tennessee First. He also released his findings after the tour, but the most common theme heard on the tour was the need for a better trained workforce.

Haslam spent April focused on workforce development – visiting community colleges, technology centers and four-year higher education institutions while releasing numerous plans to strengthen the state’s workforce development efforts. His plans include a statewide jobs clearinghouse, fostering innovative public-private partnerships and increasing accessibility through Mobile Training Units. Haslam also announced in April his intent to lead a top-to-bottom review of state government when elected.

After starting with jobs and workforce development, Haslam then focused on K-12 education, visiting schools and meeting with parents, teachers, principals and local education leaders. He released plans for a statewide network of principal preparation programs, a strategy to ensure every classroom has an effective teacher, and a plan to remove charter school restrictions and support the home school community.

During May, Haslam also announced plans around health care, agriculture, crime and public safety, tourism, seniors, children, veterans and rural economic development. He also in May released his Memphis Plan, a specific plan based on focused visits to the city to address the city’s challenges and take advantage of its unique opportunities.

“One of the things I wanted to do on this campaign was hear straight from the voters’ mouths what their concerns were, and I wanted to hear from Tennesseans from all walks of life: small business owners, seniors, educators, entrepreneurs, parents, medical professionals and others,” Haslam said. “I’m grateful to all those that shared their time and thoughts with me, and I look forward to continuing the discussion through Aug. 5 and hopefully beyond.”

“No other candidate in this race has had such a constant focus on churning out positive solutions for the challenges facing our state,” said Mark Cate, Campaign Manager. “Not only has Bill Haslam reached out to voters throughout this entire campaign to hear their concerns, he’s provided real solutions all along the way.”

“The choice should be clear to voters: Bill Haslam is the only candidate in the race who truly understands the issues important to Tennesseans and has the right plan to address these challenges and move our state forward,” Cate added. “He has the experience and temperament necessary to get the job done.”

The following numbers show Haslam’s efforts, travels and other campaign metrics indicating a candidate who was worked hard for the frontrunner status his opponents acknowledge.

Campaign Score Card

Total as of July 7

Counties Visited: All 95

County Visits: 1,239

Total Community Knocks: 138

Meet & Greets: 188

Speeches given: 469

Job Focused Events/ Roundtables: 76

Education Focused Events/ Roundtables: 39

Policy Proposals: 37

Press Events: 106

Miles Driven: 85,000+

Web/YouTube Videos Produced: 61

Leadership Team Mtg. 22

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