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Lynn Campaign Calls Out Beavers’ Ads

Press Release from Susan Lynn for Senate; July 19, 2010:

Urges Opponent to Follow Her Own “Guidelines”

Lebanon, TN. – The campaign of 17th district State Senate candidate Susan Lynn denounced statements in campaign ads of Senator Mae Beavers – and urges Beavers to follow the guidelines outlined in a bill Beavers filed but never ran about truthful campaigning.

Rep. Lynn says that Beavers falsely claims, both in print and in radio advertisements, that Lynn killed the Health Care Freedom Act by cutting a deal with the Speaker of the House in the last week of session.

Lynn responded to Beavers’ attack by saying, “This is untrue, and Senator Beavers can cite no evidence because such an event never occurred. There is no reason why I would kill my own legislation after I worked on the Health Care Freedom Act for a year.”

Lynn worked with a national organization to create the Health Care Freedom Act in 2009. She filed HB2622 in January 2010, two weeks before Beavers filed similar legislation. Beavers’ bill was ultimately deemed unconstitutional. Lynn’s Senate sponsor never ran the bill but rather in an unusual parliamentary move, brought the legislation directly to the Senate floor on what should have been the last day of Session. Then dramatically, she turned over sponsorship of the Legislation to Lynn’s Primary opponent, Mae Beavers, who next amended the Act with the language of her bill which by this time had been killed in a committee. All the while the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, an advocate of the bill, was urging their supporters to call the Senators and ask them to remove Beavers’ amendment. Ultimately the Act failed by a vote of 44-39.

There is no doubt that politics caused the death of the bill but whose politics is the question. Rep. Gerald McCormick, vice chairman of the House Republican Caucus, explained on the floor of the House that he refused to sign his name to a compromise on the bill. He believed that Beavers unconstitutional amendment would cause the bill to be vetoed by the Governor.

“The real truth is that Mae Beavers is the only reason Tennessee did not get a bill passed to protect Tennesseans from Obamacare,” said Sumner United for Responsible Government co-founder Eric Stamper. “If Lynn’s version of the bill had been voted on when it was brought to the Senate floor it would have easily passed and gone to the governor, instead Senator Beavers attached an unpassable amendment and refused to remove it. She did what no Democrat had been able to do – she killed the Healthcare Freedom Act.”

Rep. Lynn said, “This is simply wrong, and I find it ironic that Senator Beavers, who routinely files a bill on fair campaign practices, would say such things in her ads and mail pieces.” Lynn is referring to SB 1633, a bill that Beavers filed but never ran which seeks to outline “basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play” for candidates seeking state office.

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