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Ramsey Unhappy with AZ Immigration Ruling

Press Release from Ron Ramsey for Governor; July 29, 2010:

NASHVILLE, TN – Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, the conservative candidate for Governor of Tennessee reacted today to the news that key provisions of Arizona’s illegal immigration bill, SB 1070, was struck down in a U.S. District Court by Clinton appointee Judge Susan Bolton. Just last week, Ramsey held a press conference in Tennessee’s state capitol building in Nashville to publicly proclaim support for Arizona and her illegal immigration measure while simultaneously calling upon Tennessee’s appointed Attorney General, Bob Cooper, to join with 9 other states and allow Tennessee to file an amicus – ‘friend of the court’ – brief in support of Arizona in this proceeding. Ramsey also declared that when he is elected Governor, he will enact a law similar to Arizona’s to address the crucial issue of illegal immigration within the state of Tennessee.

Ramsey had the following statement in reaction to the court’s ruling:

“I am severely disappointed with the preliminary injunction handed down today in Phoenix, Arizona and I eagerly await the appeal promised by the sponsor of the legislation. I stand with Tennesseans in steadfast support of Governor Jan Brewer, the Arizona legislature and the people of Arizona who are daily suffering under the scourge of illegal immigration at the hands of drug cartels and violent illegal aliens. I reiterate today that I remain in favor of a similar law for the state of Tennessee and when I become Governor we will have an illegal immigration law like Arizona’s to address the very serious issue of illegal immigration within our state. It’s common sense and the vast majority of Tennesseans are in agreement with Arizona on this issue,” stated Ramsey.

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