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Yarbro Officially Asks for Recount

Press Release from Jeff Yarbro for Senate; Aug. 17, 2010:

NASHVILLE – Jeff Yarbro filed a formal request today with the Democratic Party Executive Committee, seeking an expedited recount of the votes in the Senate District 21 Democratic Primary.

“The results of this election continue to change, following yesterday’s news from the Election Commission that a voting machine had not been counted in the initial results,” Yarbro said. “Obviously, we’re troubled by the changing tallies and the resulting uncertainty. The need for a recount could not be clearer.”

Tennessee law does not provide for an automatic recount of close elections. The Davidson County Election Commission is prohibited from recounting the ballots unless the State Executive Committee of the Tennessee Democratic Party, sitting in its capacity as the State Primary Board, orders a recount. Yarbro filed a Petition for Recount with the Executive Committee today and requested that the body hear and decide the request as soon as possible. Sen. Henry’s representatives have stated that the Senator would not oppose a recount.

“With the cooperation of the candidates, the Executive Committee, and the Election Commission, the recount could be concluded as early as next week,” said Kathryn Sasser, Yarbro Campaign legal counsel.

“We have an opportunity to demonstrate that close elections like this one can be resolved without drama and without delay,” Yarbro said. “Voters deserve to have confidence in the results of this election, and there’s no need for that process to drag on for weeks.”

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