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Matthews Says Ketron Seeking ‘Plum Leadership Position’

Press Release from Debbie Matthews, Democratic candidate for State Senate District 13, Aug. 20, 2010:

Ketron Abandons District Yet Again for to Stump for rejected Senator; Matthews to meet with UAW members to discuss Spring Hill GM plant

SPRING HILL – State Senator Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro) will leave his district again this weekend to play politics while District 13 opponent Debbie Matthews meets with UAW members to talk about bringing back jobs to the Spring Hill GM plant.

“We have an opportunity to reduce the highest urban unemployment rate in the state, and Senator Ketron is more interested in trying to get a plum Republican leadership position,” Matthews said. “I care about bringing jobs back to our district. Senator Ketron cares about getting a better job for himself.”

Ketron will attend a fundraiser for former State Senator Don McLeary in Humboldt, Tenn., on Saturday, according to McLeary’s website. Ketron is widely thought to be maneuvering to become Senate Republican Caucus chairman if current chair Sen. Diane Black wins her congressional race.

Matthews, meanwhile, will be talking with voters and UAW members on Saturday about bringing jobs back to the GM plant. The site has been on standby since late last year, when 2,000 hourly workers were furloughed and the plant’s production duties were moved to Michigan.

The Spring Hill plant has been mentioned recently in media reports, however, as a potential site for re-opening due to increased demand. Matthews will speak with UAW members about working together to ensure those jobs return.

“We need someone working around the clock for our district to make sure we don’t miss this crucial opportunity to bring jobs back,” Matthews said. “Senator Ketron would rather swipe his campaign credit card than punch his time card for the people of this district.”


Debbie Matthews is the Democratic candidate for District 13 opposing Sen. Bill Ketron. For more information about Matthews’ campaign, contact (615) 417-7240 or email chris(at)

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