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TNGOP Anticipating Blowout in Race for Governor

Press Release from the Tennessee Republican Party, Sept. 22, 2010:

Wheels Come Off McWherter Campaign; Democrats and Independents Fleeing Withering Gubernatorial Effort

NASHVILLE, TN – A coalition released today by the Haslam campaign shows that Democrats and Independents are fleeing Democrat Mike McWherter’s withering gubernatorial campaign.

The list of more than 100 prominent Democrats and Independents supporting Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam follows Tuesday’s release of a new statewide poll conducted for WSMV-TV that shows Haslam trouncing beer distributor Mike McWherter by 31 points in the race for Tennessee governor in the wake of McWherter’s devastating performance in last week’s televised Gubernatorial Debate.

“If Mike McWherter can’t seal the deal with key members of his own party, how can anyone expect him to attract the Independent voters who are important to winning elections in Tennessee?” said state Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney. “The WSMV Poll and new Haslam coalition prove two things: Republicans are solidly behind Bill Haslam, and Mike McWherter is hemorrhaging support among his own base.”

Today’s announcement by Haslam contained several long time Democrat stalwarts including Craven Crowell, Bo Roberts, and Thad Huguley. Two weeks ago, Haslam released a list of more than 500 Republican leaders representing every county demonstrating the party’s unity and organizational strength.

“One man in this race will do what’s best for Tennessee, and that’s Bill Haslam,” Devaney continued. “Mayor Haslam knows the real issues facing Tennessee are jobs, education, and the economy, and he understands how the three are interconnected. Bill Haslam is offering real solutions to those challenges.

“While I imagine Mike’s advisors are scratching their heads today wondering how they let themselves get so far behind with barely three weeks to go until early voting, it’s not hard for Tennessee voters to figure out that Mike McWherter just isn’t right for Tennessee,” said Devaney.

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