TBR’s Batting Order

Members of the Senate Education Committee are planning to play some hard ball with the Tennessee Board of Regents today and tomorrow.

At issue is the board’s controversial appointment of Deputy Gov. John Morgan to the top spot overseeing the state’s higher education system. The Board hired the high-ranking Democrat last month without interviewing any other candidates. Morgan also lacks a doctorate degree, which had traditionally be required for the job until this year.

Senators will begin interviewing all but four of the board’s appointed members Tuesday afternoon. The hearings will likely continue on Wednesday, said Nathan James, a research analyst for the committee.

Here’s the lineup:


Gregory Duckett

Fran Marcum

J. Stanley Rogers

Judy T. Gooch

John S. “Steve” Copeland


Gregory Duckett

John Farris

Pam Fansler

Howard Roddy

Barry Gidcomb

Not attending:

Ageina Clark

Jonas Kisber

Robert P. Thomas

Paul Montgomery

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