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McWherter Touts Chattanooga Newspaper Endorsement

Press Release from Mike McWherter for Governor, Sept. 29, 2010:

Chattanooga – Throughout 14 months of campaigning, Mike McWherter has proven he is the best candidate to become the next governor of Tennessee. Despite going up against an opponent with an unlimited war chest, McWherter’s relentless grassroots campaigning has convinced many leaders his vision for Tennessee guarantees a bright future for our state.

Citing his business experience and transparent approach to governance, the Chattanooga Times today announced they were backing Mike McWherter in his quest to reach the state’s top office:

He personally financed and built up his own business, a beverage distributorship in Jackson, Tenn.; it wasn’t handed to him. Thus he’s got bona fide hands-on understanding of what makes small businesses tick, the necessary fuel for ginning up the state’s most reliable job generator.

For months, GOP opponent Bill Haslam has refused to open up about his personal finances, and, as the Times points out, has instead concentrated on running up his poll numbers by inundating voters with ads:

That’s what you get for opening your wallet. The wealthy Haslam paid a ton of money for television advertising to win the name recognition he needed for victory in the tightly contested Republican primary, and he’s continued to wallpaper the state with ads in the run-up to the November election.

As a small businessman, Mike McWherter knows how to grow a business from the ground up, create jobs, and to work out health insurance benefits with employees. As governor, he’ll bring a much-needed hands-on approach to governance and make sure Tennessee attracts and produces the best and the brightest minds in the country.

A rural Tennessean who has spent much time working in urban and rural areas, McWherter understands the struggles facing Tennessee’s businesses, whether they are large farms or small factories.

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