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House Dist. 50 Independent Slams Both Parties on Gov’t. Spending in New Ad

Press Release from Dave Rosenberg, Candidate for Tennessee House of Representatives, Oct. 11, 2010:

Independent Rosenberg Releases New Ad Hitting GOP, Democratic Parties on Reckless Government Spending

Nashville, TN–Dave Rosenberg, independent candidate for Tennessee House District 50, today released a new ad taking Democrats and Republicans to task for their reckless government spending.

“Despite the lip service Republicans and Democrats have given to fiscal responsibility, both here in Nashville and in Washington, they’ve been horrendous stewards of our public resources,” Rosenberg said. “Our leaders need to realize it’s not their money, it’s our money. Despite opportunity after opportunity to act sensibly, they continue to spend like teenagers using their parents’ credit card.”

Rosenberg’s campaign is considering placing the ad, titled “We Won’t Get Fooled Again,” in the Nashville television market, but it is unclear whether sufficient financial resources will be available. At a minimum, he said, the ad will be used via the Internet. Rosenberg noted that the style and nature of the ad contrast dramatically with that of statewide candidates, and it was produced despite the fact that he is running a local campaign without the enormous sums of money spent by Tennessee’s gubernatorial candidates.

“My small business is doing well, but I don’t possess the wealth or have the contributor base that Mayor Haslam and Mr. McWherter boast. Even though we’re not running a multimillion dollar campaign with slick consultants, ad agencies, and focus groups, we know it’s important to get our message out,” Rosenberg said. “We make do with what we have. Our elected officials could learn a thing or two from that.”

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