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Knox Co. Gov’t Employee Who Stole $67K: ‘I just wasn’t thinking’

A Knox County official who stole $67,000 in housing funds will be on probation for three years, according to a judge who urged him to “be a productive citizen” at his Tuesday sentencing hearing. The judge seemed baffled by the theft, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel report:

“The first thing I thought when I read your (presentence) report is why on Earth didn’t you just go down to the bank and get a 90-day note or something,” Senior U.S. District Judge Leon Jordan asked of former Knox County Housing Authority Assistant Executive Director William John Pollock.

“I just wasn’t thinking,” Pollock responded. “That would have been the prudent thing to do.”

Pollock’s defense attorney told the court that the theft was prompted by the funeral expenses incurred after his father’s death. The misdeed was exposed in a 2008 audit, which we’ve noted can be a fruitful source of information.

Read the full story here, which raises questions about another official who “kept quiet” about the theft.

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