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City Mulls Restrictions on Residential Junk-Touching

At some point if you live in Dresden you might have to reconsider trying to hustle a little extra spending cash by pawning off those gently used stuffed animals, that hardly used exercise equipment or the wide-collar blazers from the ’70s.

The Powers That Be in this city with a median household income of $23,000 (compared to the statewide $43,000) are thinking about putting the breaks on an age-old means of unloading accumulated junk on friends, neighbors, unknown passersby and other unsuspecting suckers.

The mayor, Danny Forrester, said the cause for considering a clampdown on yard sales is fear of competition, according to an account in the Weakley County Press.

“Our main goal is to get a better hold on the number of yard sales that are taking place,” Forrester said. “Some people are having them every week, and that gets in direct competition with the business holders. We never wanted the yard sales to get into competition with charitable organizations either.”

One suggestion that’s been floated is requiring permits without fees. Another is limiting that days of week yard sale operation is allowed.

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