Haslam’s ‘Top-to-Bottom’ Agency Review Underway

After spending two months focused on naming members to his gubernatorial cabinet, Gov.-elect Bill Haslam said he’s now in the midst of a department-by-department review of state government.

During the campaign, the Knoxville Republican promised to conduct a “top to bottom” review of state government using the question, “Should government be doing this” as his litmus test. Haslam’s staff has since been involved in budget-planning meetings with outgoing Bredesen administration officials.

“One of the big challenges of being the governor is you show up and you’ve got a budget due really quick,” he told WVLT TV in Knoxville. “(What) we’re in the process of doing now is literally a top to bottom review of state government. Just department by department.”

Haslam expects the state to have to fill a $1.5 million gap in state spending in the next budget year, much of it due to expiring federal stimulus dollars.

Haslam steps down from his post as Knoxville Mayor on Jan. 10 and will be sworn in as governor on Saturday, Jan. 15, in Nashville.