Carroll County Corruption Update

Commissioner John Mark Robinson has been indicted on charges of felony forgery and concealing cash, the Jackson Sun reports today.

The indictments accuse Robinson of forging a signature to try to cash checks that were jointly made out to his business and two other organizations — Crop Production Services and Gibson Farmers Co-Op. One check for more than $92,000 was payable to Robinson Brothers, which is owned by Robinson, along with the other two organizations. Another check for more than $141,000 was payable to Robinson Brothers and Crop Production Services, the indictment said.

Separately, a former Carroll County coroner was indicted on charges of illegal voting. Steven L. Cantrell is accused of voting in the August election in Carroll County even though he lived in Weakley County.

Cantrell told the Carroll County News-Leader that he was not aware he was doing anything illegal, and that he had been splitting his time between residences in the two counties.