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Forrester: Dems Need to Fight For Their Principles

Statement from Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester; Jan. 9, 2011:

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester vowed he would continue to hold Republicans’ feet to the fire on behalf of Tennesseans who struggle to provide a better life for their families during his next two-year term at the party’s helm.

He also promised to unify Tennessee Democrats for the hard work ahead to regain majorities in the state’s General Assembly and its congressional delegation. Forrester won re-election as party chairman on Saturday after a spirited campaign among two other candidates, whom he said he looks forward working with in unifying and moving the party forward.

“Each one of them should be thanked by all Tennessee Democrats for their desire to help this party and this state,” Forrester said of Matt Kuhn and Wade Munday. “We have much to do in the next two years to ensure we elect Democrats who will work tirelessly to ensure our communities have good jobs, effective schools and a quality of life each of us deserve.

“Tennessee Democrats care about our communities and the people who live in them. Too often we overlook the less fortunate among us. We cannot forget those who get left behind in the progress of today’s society.

“It’s our job as Democrats to ensure everyone has an opportunity to succeed, and we can only do that if we fight for our principles and have selfless leaders and elected officials who fight for those same principles. Matt and Wade have shown they are Democrats who will go to the mat for their principles,” he said.

Forrester received 38 votes from then party’s executive committee, which selects the chairman every two years. Kuhn received 17 votes, and Munday received 10. Forrester said he was committed to involving all interested Democrats in the electoral process.

“I am honored and humbled by the support that I received from the state executive committee in my bid for re-election as chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party,” he said. “But I am also pleased that, in this race for chair, we had challengers who brought energy, enthusiasm and new ideas to be discussed. Young Democrats are the future of our party, and I am pleased these challengers stepped up to offer themselves for service to our party.

“My number one objective is to unify our party. I honor and respect those on the executive committee who did not support me and will work to make them an integral part of moving this party and our state forward,” Forrester added.

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