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Booster Club Boo Boo in Robertson Co.

Robertson County Schools paid more than $100,000 on loans taken out by booster clubs to improve athletic fields, bypassing the county’s usual purchasing and budget process, state auditors found. The booster clubs, instead of the schools administration, were in charge of making payments to vendors.

Because the booster clubs are not subject to audits – the rest of the county government is – “the proper use of these funds could not be determined,” according to an audit by the state Comptroller of Robertson County’s finances in fiscal year 2010.

Schools management said they were not aware they were doing anything wrong but have been assured the funds were used properly for athletics facilities and that they have corrected the problem.

Auditors also faulted the way the schools system accounted for federal stimulus funds — the schools department lumped the funds in with other money instead of accounting for them separately. They also highlighted a weakness in the way the Sanitation Department handles cash. The department set up separate cash drawers for each employee after $200 went missing last July. The department director replaced the money with his personal funds, the audit says.

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