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TEA Warns of ‘Anti-Teacher’ Bills

Statement from Tennessee Education Association; Jan. 24, 2011:

Urge Legislators to Vote “NO”

Two bills have been filed which would have a very detrimental impact on teachers.  HB 130/SB 113 would totally repeal the 1975 Professional Negotiations Law.  Professional employees would no longer be permitted to collectively negotiate working conditions, salaries, benefits, or any other aspect of their employment.  This proposal would “turn back the clock” on employee rights and must be defeated!  The bill is sponsored by Rep. Debra Maggart (R-Hendersonville) and Sen. Jack Johnson (R-College Grove).

Another anti-teacher bill is SB 102 which would remove TEA from the right to choose teacher representation for the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) Board of Trustees.  The choice of educators would be shifted from TEA to the speakers of the House and Senate.  This bill is an attempt to dilute employee impact on retirement issues by making the TCRS Board political appointments.

TEA expects these two bills to be the first of several punitive measures introduced this session.  TEA will keep members informed as other bills are filed.  It is critical that legislators hear from TEA members immediately, asking that they vote “NO” on HB 130/SB 113 and SB 102.  Below are links to the actual language in the bills.

HB 130/SB 113–

SB 102 —

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