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Fred Thompson Joins State Lawyer Org’s Lobbying Arm

Press Release from the Tennessee Association for Justice (formerly the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association), Jan. 25, 2011:

Nashville—Former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson joins the Tennessee Association for Justice legislative team this session. Senator Thompson will assist TAJ in their efforts to ensure that Tennesseans maintain a full measure of justice in Tennessee courts.

“We are sworn to protect the Constitution and ensure citizens’ rights are protected from unreasonable government intrusion.” said TAJ President Phillip Miller. “Senator Thompson understands the importance of this issue and worked as an advocate throughout his career to protect civil justice.”

As a recognized Tennessean, Senator Thompson identifies with the citizens of this state and relates to their concerns and needs. He will play an integral part in guaranteeing that their rights are protected.

“We put our trust in Tennesseans at the ballot box, and we should continue to trust them in the jury box,” stated Randy Kinnard, TAJ Past President. “It is our hope Senator Thompson will help us convey this message so our citizens can continue to exercise their right to trial by jury.”

The Tennessee Association for Justice will continue working with Tennessee’s elected officials on both sides of the aisle. Fred Thompson knows that justice is a right for all Tennesseans and should not be a partisan issue.

The Tennessee Association for Justice advocates for accountability and the constitutional rights of all citizens and works to protect civil justice in Tennessee.


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