1986 Felony Comes Back to Haunt City Councilman

A city of Jackson councilman has resigned after more than a decade of service, after officials realized he was ineligible based on a felony conviction 25 years ago, the Jackson Sun is reporting.

City Councilman Johnny Dodd announced his resignation Thursday, saying that the conviction stemmed from a youthful mistake.

From the Jackson Sun:

Dodd was convicted of grand larceny in 1986 when he worked at Service Merchandise and gave away some merchandise from the store, he said in an interview Thursday. He said he thought his record had been expunged and he was told by election officials he was eligible for office when he first ran for council in 1999.

Election officials realized the mistake while researching another candidate’s eligibility.

Dodd said he hopes to have his full citizenship rights reinstated in time to run for City Council in the May election.

More coverage: WBBJ-TV Channel 7.

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