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Haslam Asks Obama to Expedite Health Care Appeals

Press Release from Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, Feb. 3, 2011:

Haslam: We Can’t Afford to Wait

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam today joined other governors in sending a letter to President Barack Obama that asks him to expedite the legal process for the cases regarding the federal healthcare bill.

In the letter, Haslam asked the President to direct those in his Cabinet who are defendants in the suits file appeals quickly and appeal straight to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Beyond the merits of this issue, the people of our great nation deserve an answer. Our people deserve to know the future of how their state governments will be structured, how their wallets will be affected, and how their choices in health care will be determined,” Haslam wrote.

“While we wait, we lose. We lose time. We lose resources. We lose options,” he added.

“Our people deserve more than uncertainty. They deserve an answer. And, very simply put, Mr. President: our people cannot afford to wait,” Haslam wrote in the letter.

3 replies on “Haslam Asks Obama to Expedite Health Care Appeals”

The last time I checked, it was the Republicans who decided to instigate all the lawsuits. Why should the President now hurry up and make sure they move forward? But, it’s typical of conservatives to go running to the courts, especially to SCOTUS, when they don’t get their way. However, the next step is to the circuit courts, so Hasslam probably needs to educate himself on how lawsuits move through the system, instead of just repurposing talking points he’s been provided by whatever conservative lobbying group.

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