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Jackson Councilman Masked Felony Record on Job Apps

A former Jackson city councilman – who resigned last week because of a prior felony conviction – has made inconsistent statements regarding his criminal record on job applications and on a petition to have citizenship rights restored.

That’s according to the Jackson Sun, which compared former Councilman Johnny Dodd’s applications to substitute teach in the Jackson-Madison County schools with police records.

The (citizenship) petition says Dodd, 44, has no criminal record other than the grand larceny conviction, but he pleaded guilty in 1999 to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, according to police records.

In a 2005 application to be a substitute teacher, Dodd marked a box acknowledging the misdemeanor in his record, but marked “no” on a question of whether he had a felony record.

In a 2010 application to be a substitute teacher, Dodd marked “no” to questions about whether he had ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor.

In both applications he checked “no” to a question about whether he had ever been dismissed from a job for improper conduct. But a court record indicates he was fired by the store from which he was convicted of stealing merchandise.

Dodd served 12 years before resigning last week, after election officials determined he was ineligible to serve because of a grand larceny conviction in the late ’80s, a felony. Dodd stole items from a Service Merchandise where he worked.

Dodd is seeking to run again for City Council in May and seemed frustrated that his past actions continued to dog him.

“What do I have to do to put this behind me?” he asked.

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