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Free Land!

WREG Channel 3 in Memphis is reporting on a West Tennessee town’s bid to boost the economy: give away city-owned land to businesses. The video report shows a billboard advertising the offer from the city of Adamsville, “We have free land for business or industry.”

One resident explains to WREG that her son would prefer to live near home, but must live in Florida where jobs are more available. The unemployment rate for McNairy County averaged over 10 percent in the last year, like most other counties in the state — the average rate was lower in the metropolitan areas.

A city leader explains that the offer requires businesses to meet hiring standards to qualify for a site on the 100-acre development park. “We put you under the gun to be successful. When you’re successful, the city’s successful,” city Administrator Terry Thrasher tells WREG.

Absent from the story is any criticism of the plan, which is in direct competition with private developers and land owners in the area, who presumably would be unable to give their land away for free.

One reply on “Free Land!”

I run two missions. One for abuse survivors and one for educating their caregivers. I need 250 acres of farmable land with a river, pond or lake. Many of the survivors I work with need a safe place to live. Also, I need to start an Education Center for post-graduates wanting to learn how to care for abuse survivors. All my work is done for free. I am in the midst of writing a 26-volume book series on abuse consequences. The money I make from that will build the centers. But they will cost a lot soneed FREE land if possible.

While our property would not bring money to the community, the survivors and students as well as the staff would need the services of the community, i.e. groceries, clothes, and other offered services. Also, since we would be building a village of stores to sell our craft therapy items, we would be a source of tourists and other customers for the community.

Since our survivors would be living for the duration of their therapy at our Healling Village, they would get to know the community. They may even opt to live there and buy homes upon leaving TEFS. We see to it that the onew who leave are well prepared by having at least a down payment and a year’s payments on a home in the bank as well as emergency monies.

This complex would be great for any community to have. But we need FREE land to do so. Can you help us?

If so, please contact me at :

TEFS Missions
6656 Alvarez Drive
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815

Dr. Sarah Jane Dubbs, PhDN, PhD Psy, ND

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