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TFA Launches Advocacy E-Mail System

Statement from the Tennessee Firearms Association’s Legislative Action Committee; Feb. 17, 2011:

The Tennessee Firearms Association has rolled out a new advocacy package which will make it easier, more efficient and more effective for our members and our supporters to get directly involved in bringing their voices directly to the state’s elected officials on the bills, legislation and issues that are important to us as citizens,  voters, hunters, shooters and firearms owners of all interests.

This new product, developed and supported by Voter Voice, will allow TFA to develop campaigns and even suggested email messages that each individual can customize into his or her own message.  It is critical in fact that these suggested messages, including the “subjects” be adopted and modified by each person so that it is your message and not simply some canned message.

This system is not a substitute for the need for personal visits, phone calls, and other emails. It is a supplement to help make sure that the elected officials hear from the voters who put them in office and who have the ability to remove them from office when representation turns into personal agendas.

We have already prepared the first message.  Please following this link back to the main TFA website and start today to send your first communications to our elected officials to let them know what we want to see from the legislature in 2011 and beyond.

Please feel free to send this email to everyone you know who may have an interest in hunting, personal rights and firearms ownership.  Even if they are not presently TFA members, we want to inform them about what TFA can and will do to help them be involved on a personal level.

TFA Advocacy – First Message


TFA is a grassroots organization. Membership in TFA helps support our collective efforts by covering the costs of the TFA website, its forum, these alerts, and other organizational necessities.  If you are receiving these emails and are not already a member of TFA, I urge you to consider joining TFA because your support is important.

If you would like to join or renew your membership, you can do so online at this link JOIN TFA

John Harris?Executive Director

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