It’s Time for My Close-Up

Bill Haslam stepped in as governor more than six weeks ago, but his inauguration team is still tying up loose ends from the more than $2 million week-long party.

The Inauguration Committee just shared more than 1,000 photos from the week of his Jan. 15 swearing in, including images from the soon-to-be governor’s farewell speech in Knoxville and a country music concert in Haslam’s honor the night before the big day. Aside from his actual inauguration, the pictures also include snapshots from his inaugural gala that night and pics of him shaking hands with visitors wandering around the executive mansion the day after.

The inauguration was paid for with donations, with about $1.4 million coming from business donors and about $1 million from individuals.

Think you can find yourself in the photos? Most of the images show Haslam front and center, but a handful of photos feature him shaking hands, posing with the public and signing autographs.

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