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Van Buren Financial Records In Disarray

Van Buren County has had trouble balancing its checkbook.

That’s essentially one of the conclusions of a critical state audit of the county’s finances in 2010, which found discrepancies in different financial records and a failure to reconcile general ledger cash with other accounts. The county’s financial statements “do not present fairly” the county’s financial position, auditors with the state Comptroller’s Office wrote.

Invoices, checks and other records were in such disarray that auditors could not calculate the county’s liabilities at the close of the fiscal year.

And auditors “discovered checks payable to the county dating as far back as 2008 for various purposes that had not been deposited with the county trustee.”

In its response to the audit, county officials said that they had made “the best attempt possible” to reconcile accounts, and that an outside consultant had been used to correct the problems.

The audit uncovered deficiencies in the county’s purchasing procedures, in the handling of a state grant for litter cleanup, and in tracking of personnel leave time.

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