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Show Me the Money Source

TNReport has organized the available financial-disclosure information from members of the Haslam administration.

The weekend Bill Haslam assumed the office of Tennessee governor, he relaxed financial disclosure requirements for administration officials that had previously been established by former Gov. Phil Bredesen.

The newly sworn-in governor — himself a member of the family that owns a successful national chain of truck-stop fueling centers founded by his father, Jim Haslam — repeatedly told reporters that public officials should be disclosing where they earn their money, but that it wasn’t of any ethical significance, or the public’s business, how much.

Haslam’s directive put income and investment disclosure requirements for administration officials at the exact same level required for members of Tennessee’s part-time legislature — the only difference is that cabinet members must file a new report annually instead of opting to pen a letter indicating nothing has changed.

TNReport has since reviewed the financial disclosures released by the 26 ranking members of Haslam’s governing team, which includes commissioners of high-profile departments — like Revenue and Economic and Community Development, who manage billions of state tax dollars — as well as top confidants like his chief of staff and legal counsel.

Below are listings and links to each commissioner’s disclosure posted on the Tennessee Ethics Commission website. You’ll notice some sources of income are not published there — they were kept in other appendices retained by the commission which we have added to our database.

You won’t find Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman or head of the Department of Intellectual Disabilities Jim Henry’s sources of income on this list because they still have time to file their information with the state, but we’ll be updating our database once their disclosures become available.

We want to hear from you. If there’s something in our database you think could yield a story or TNReport should inquire about, let us know. You can contact us at 615-489-7131 (you must include the area code) or e-mail us at

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